Manoel is an upcoming singer and songwriter, Artist, Entrepreneur and Designer who lives in Bath, UK. He is devoted to Filmmaking, Music, Graphic Design, and Photography to express his thoughts, joys, frustrations, and faith, as he connects with the outside world. These creative outlets help to positively channel his emotions and offer fresh perspectives to the world around him. Some of his successful projects include his T-Shirt design used for the 2018 National Citizen Service (NCS) and worn by over 100,000 young people nationally. He has released music from different genres as an independent artist and created a growing media brand ‘The Everything Post’ alongside his freelance company Blouhaus.
More recently, Manoel found new ways to lend his voice to fight racism, injustice, and inequality through the Black Lives Matter movement. A photo of him kneeling on top of the plinth previously occupied by a statue of seventeenth-century slave trader Edward Colston, went viral.  Manoel shared his personal experiences of racism sitting on that plinth just before the photo was taken, and then he publicly prayed for hope and the healing of hearts over Bristol. This caught the attention of Sky News and the BBC, who subsequently interviewed him. Manoel and Felix Russell-Saw (photographer), have sold hundreds of the prints and have raised thousands of pounds for racial justice charities. Proceeds from the sales are going to SARI(Stand against Racism & Inequalities) and Black Minds Matter. Manoel desires to use his voice and platforms for positive change locally, nationally, and internationally.
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